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Posted On: 07-Dec-2017
Job No. 12849

=Job Responsibilities:

Monitoring and updating project cost (material, labor, subcontractor, equipment/plant, indirect cost) prediction based on the site progress
Review and study for cost saving items for the execution of project
Tendering, internal approval, selection and management of subcontractors based on internal protocol
Prepare various monthly reports for headquarter

Posted On: 29-Nov-2017
Job No. 12840

= Job description and responsibilities


•To assist Tunnel Manager on all the M&E work
•To plan, co-ordinate, scheme & monitor for the entire tunnel M & E works.
•To assist Tunnel Manager on TBM Issue & Meeting.
•To handle Technical & Engineering issue.

Posted On: 29-Nov-2017
Job No. 12841

=Job Responsibilities:

Engineer/Supervisor will be in charge of the tunnel crew determining the tasks to be performed and by whom, directing and monitoring how work is performed, determining and scheduling hours of work, most suitable times for breaks and meals, dealing with employees concerns, enforcing procedures established to protect worker Health & Safety and directing resources to address health & safety concerns.

Posted On: 29-Nov-2017
Job No. 12842


= Job Responsibilities:

  1. Report to manager/immediate supervisor, plan tunneling activities, develop method statement, safe work procedure and risk assessment and execute them on site
  2. Record down daily activities and assist QS in progress claim
  3. Daily problem solving 



Posted On: 29-Nov-2017
Job No. 12843

 = Job Responsibilities:

  1. Assist M & E team with assembly and disassembly of TBM
  2. All aspects of TBM operation including maintenance of line and grade of the tunnel while steering the TBM, as well as operation of the segment erector and annular grouting systems
  3. Undertake cutterhead and tool inspection during the drive, take charge of emergency situations within the TBM
  4. Identify and communicate any and all working environment safety hazard
Posted On: 29-Nov-2017
Job No. 12844

= Job Responsibilities

  • Ability to work as a team member on projects with an aptitude for problem solving
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Able to manage time effectively and prioritize responsibilities
  • Effective communication skills
Posted On: 29-Nov-2017
Job No. 12845

= Job Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the work on site
  • Ensure project is executed in accordance with the construction standards and specifications
  • Ensure project is on schedule and within budget
Posted On: 27-Nov-2017
Job No. 12830

§  Manage daily accounts functions like Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), reconciliation and Fixed Assets Management

§  Process staff reimbursement

§  Handle petty cash and deposits

§  Assist in month-end closing

§  Prepare and compile accurate accounts reports

§  Other ad-hoc tasks as assigned

Posted On: 27-Nov-2017
Job No. 12831

·         Liaise with the project team members for preparation of all technical submissions (tendering)

·         Ensure submissions are submitted in a timely manner, appropriate approval/rejection are obtained and formally recorded.

·         Ensure all tender documentation matters including printing, discrimination and email to all relevant parties.

·         Keep track of all documents correspondences

·         Maintain and update all document registers

·         Control of issue and receipt of all documents and drawings

·         Monitor and update any change and modification to the technical documents. Highlight any deviation

Posted On: 27-Nov-2017
Job No. 12832
  • Make accurate Pre-measurements and survey report for engineering to design.     
  • Ensure all coordinates on field  and pipelines alignment to match up to  construction drawing.
  • Any discrepancy between construction drawing and site condition to address immediately to Project team and Engineering     
  • Make accurate post- measurements and survey report for as-built drawing              
  • Maintain well all relevant survey equipment and tools       
  • Liaison with the client, consultant, suppliers (sub-contractors) and other relevant authorities on general management issues pertaining to the project. 
  • Ensure all necessary coordinates or marks construction team needed to be made on time
  • Drive innovation and continuous improvement by resolving problems and instituting corrective and preventive actions and follow up audits          
  • Attend all management and safety (OH&S) meetings.        
  • Liaise with clients and authorities on technical matters.  
  • Provide coordination between engineering (design/drafting) and project teams.